The company CIPA GRES S.p.A. has shown to be able, to clearly identify in the various production cycles the sources of emissions, to keep them controlled through careful monitoring and analysis measures. CIPA GRES S.p.A. does not use harmful or toxic substances during processing and solid and liquid waste, cooked and raw, are totally recovered. This contributes to maximum reduction of the environmental impact and to keep more CLEAN the environment we live. CIPA GRES S.p.A. products can be considered eco compatible and suitable for bioarchitecture. The porcelain stoneware tiles, unlike some surfaces or objects, do not retain dust, pollen or germs, thus minimizing health risks and improving easy clean ability.


CIPA GRES S.p.A. is equipped with one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in the tiles district, as a part of a development plan that focuses on both energy and production efficiency without forgetting respect for the environment. The installation reaches electric production capacity of more than 1 million of kwh per year with a subsequent relevant reduction of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. 800.000 Kg for year of CO2 and 2000 kg for year of NOx will be saved in our atmosphere thanks to clean production of photovoltaic panels. With the construction of this plant, CIPA GRES S.p.A. was able to remove about 11.000 square meters of ETERNIT Roofings.


Environmental Product Declaration

From 2017 we officially certified the EPD product, the Environmental Product Declaration, an independent certification attesting the environmental impact of the life cycle for the manufacture of a product (ISO 14025). The EPD examines the consumption of raw materials, energy and water in addition to the production of polluting emissions and waste deriving from the CIPA GRES S.p.A. manufacturing process. The certification also confirmed that the final product itself has properties of extreme durability, recyclability, hygiene and absence of toxicity.

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Made in Italy : Authenticity of Guarantee

CIPA GRES S.p.A. is proud to carry around the world its high quality technical porcelain stoneware, with large colour range, and using advanced raw materials and production technology.


VOC- COV (Volatile Organic Compounds)

This classification allow us to evaluate the pollution the a certain product create in an indoor ambient. In recent years the desire to measure the impact of products on the environment and the wellbeing of people increased dramatically: air pollution, even in indoor environments, has become a recurring theme that all players in the construction industry have to take into consideration. A new label of environmental classification has emerged that allows being able to assess the level of air pollution of an indoor environment caused by a given product, including in particular and not only, Volatile Organic Compounds pollutants (VOCs). These compounds, particularly harmful to the environment and the wellbeing of humans, are extremely volatile and may therefore easily spread into the environment. They are basically found in solvent-based materials such as paintings, adhesives, wood treatments, etc. Ceramic tiles, by their very nature, do not contain any VOCs: ceramics are in fact a mineral products, and their firing at more than 1200 °C degrees guarantees the total destruction of any possible organic residue, specifically of the VOCs. For this reason ceramic tiles are always classifies as A+, since they do not release any toxic substance into the environment.

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Ceramics of Italy

The “Ceramics of Italy” mark is the mark of the Italian ceramics industry which identifies products that are MADE IN ITALY, with all the system of social, environmental and stylistic values this implies. Italy is a country with a historic tradition in the manufacture of ceramics, which has been renewed and given new life in modern industrial production. The “Ceramics of Italy” mark is intended to promote and emphasise the value of this impressive historic, cultural and manufacturing heritage.

The CE Marking

In conformity with the Regulation n.305/2011 on the Construction Products, the CE Mark is affixed as conformity sign to the essential safety requirements of the product; the CE Marking is an essential condition for the product introduction on the European market.

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UK Declaretion of Conformity

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) is the new product brand used for goods placed on the market in UK.The UKCA brand proves that all the requirements of UK legislation have been met.

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The CCC marking certifies that the Ceramica CIPA GRES S.p.A. products have the lowest natural radioactivity. In this way CIPA GRES S.p.A. products are suitable for installation in public places such as schools and kindergartens. The CCC certification is obtained after a cross-test by different laboratories on the same sample a visit of the certification body that guarantees the conformity of certified products. The CCC brand divides the products into two classes according to the percentages of radioactivity: class A and B. All CIPA GRES S.p.A. products belong to the class A which is the safest, indicated for use in all public places. For more information www.ctc.ac.cn

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The series HI-Tech “technical porcelain tile” is a fully vitrified product with low water absorption, id est – AA ~ 0.03% - fired at 1.200°C temperature. Products from CIPA GRES S.p.A. do not promote the proliferation of bacteria. Hence, provide that all items are treated with specific products, they can be considered antibacterial.


AIA - Autorizzazione integrata Ambientale

The company policy of CIPA GRES S.p.A. has always been based on respect for the environment. During the years the company has committed itself to realize projects of environmental protection with the aim of reducing the impact of products and processes through the following interventions: Electric power autoproduction with cogeneration system; Recycling working slips and muds; Completely recyclable materials for packaging.



ASTM International is a US standardization body, acronym of American Society for Testing and Materials International.


The certification certifies the compliance of imported products with the mandatory standards of Kuwait (Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait - PAI). To allow the customs clearance of the goods at destination, each shipment must be accompanied by a TIR Certificate (Technical Inspection Report) which can only be issued following a physical inspection and for items already present on a still valid TER (Technical Evaluation Report).



We recommend wet cutting or the score and snap method during the installation process. Do not dry cut using power tools during the installation process. Improper installation techniques could expose installer to harmful dust.

RECYCLING - Environment and recycling. Help us to respect it

In order to tangibly minimize the impact on the environment, the activities are designed and implemented by evaluating the emissions into the atmosphere, optimizing the use of resources, recycling waste materials. Those who purchase CIPA GRES S.p.A. products can be sure to make a conscious choice in respect of nature and to use products that increase the environmental value of their project.

  •  Plastic packaging CER 150102
  •  CER 150103 wooden packaging
  •  Paper and cardboard packaging CER 150101
  •  Tiles and building materials subjected to CER 101208 heat treatment
  •  Tiles, and mixed waste of construction and demolition activity CER 170904
CIPA GRES S.p.A. is member number 11089831 of the CONAI (National Packaging Consortium) as a user of packaging.

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