When industrial floors are designed, it is of fundamental importance to ensure that the product used is able to withstand both static and dynamic stress, which can reach extremely high values. The tile thickness of a tile is an important part of its ability to withstand such stress.The CIPA GRES S.p.A. HI-TECH range is produced in different formats and thickness values so as to provide design engineers with a wide variety of technical and styleoriented solutions able to satisfy every requirement.


Breaking stress (F.to 20x20 cm - 8”x8”)

This parameter is used to assess the ceramic tile’s capacity to withstand static and dynamic loads after laying. The standard considers the tile as a beam, placed on two rollers some distance apart, while a third roller applies a force to its centre. The breaking strength is the weight the tile withstands before breaking.


Compression strength media of a good foundation concrete 450 kg/cm²



Impact resistance

The ISO-EN 10545-5 standard requires the use of a steel ball with a diameter of 19 mm, weighing 28 grams. The ball is dropped from a height of 100 cm, which causes a shock with an energy of 0.27 Nm. The test is passed if the bounce height exceeds 50 cm! Obviously, if the floor is laid in a floating way, the rebound is minimal, but the important thing is that the tile is not damaged.

The CSTB Choc Lourd standard provides for the impact of a steel ball of 510 grams with a height of 80 cm which causes an impact energy of 4 Nm. In this case the test is passed if no splinters come off the surface and if no fractures of more than one centimeter are formed! Then the test is passed even if the surface is dented.
The ASTM C368 standard is performed with a pendulum equipped with an impactor with a head with a diameter of 1.59 mm, dropped from an angle such as to cause an impact with an energy equal to 0.1 Nm (i.e., in imperial units, equal at 0.07 foot pounds). In this case the tile is not glued.

All tests according to ISO or CSTB standard procedures must be performed on tiles rigidly glued to a 40 mm thick concrete screed. The screed must have cured for 21 days and the two-component glue or adhesive must have had time to cure for at least a week.

Notes: The impact energy generated by an impact is measured by multiplying the weight force in Newtons (Kg x 9.81) by the height in meters and the unit of measurement is the Newton-meter which is indicated by the abbreviation Nm, or in Joule (J).

TECHNICAL PORCELAIN TILE 12 MM - 14 MM - 20 MM for outdoor environments, in commercial, public, residential spaces and industrial.

The 12 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm thickness porcelain stoneware floors gives an incomparable compactness and resistance, the result of ours advanced production technology whose mission is technical excellence and highly aesthetic and functional value. For the realization of the High Thickness Porcelain Stoneware CIPA GRES S.p.A. chooses the best clays and raw materials present in nature, to obtain through body products. The tile is pressed at about 445 bar giving a perfect compaction of the raw material and an exceptional resistance to impacts. The tile is fired for more than 62 minutes at a temperature of 1250° C. A high temperature and a long stay in the oven allow a perfect vitrification of the mass giving the tile greater resistance and inalterability of the surface over time.

  • - The advantages of the 12 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm thick technical porcelain stoneware;
  • - Frost Resistance;
  • - Thermal shock Resistance
  • - Salt Resistance;
  • - Acids Resistance;
  • - Mold and bacteria Resistance;
  • - Easy to clean ( also with hydro cleaner);
  • - It cleans easily with hydro cleaner;
  • - Does not encourage the formation of bacteria therefore, previa accurate cleaning can consider all antibacterial effects;
  • - High load Resistance;
  • - Wear and shock Resistance;
  • - Resistance to vehicle-carriage transit (the material must be correctly installed on suitable backgrounds for the use destination).

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