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The flooring choice in the electromechanical sector industry is an element of fundamental importance, closely linked to the productivity of the company itself, if viewed in projection of the necessary longevity in this type of structure, where the priority is the extreme resistance and efficiency mustremain intact over time.

Cipa Gres full-body porcelain stoneware is therefore one of the most prudent choices possible, given the very strict performance to which these floors are called. Our high (or very high!) thickness materials, antacid *, with severely tested and certified friction coefficients, if properly used, can ensure a long life flooring system in the electromechanical industry. From steelworks, to mechanical workshops for the repair of light and heavy vehicles or to manufacturers of mechanical parts of the automotive industry. Below, with the purpose of a correct orientation, we list some requirements that can be met by our materials appropriate use :


Secure workers

Through specifically designed and tested surface finishing that respond punctually to the specific needs of each department.Resistance to oils, fuels and acid or strongly alkaline concentration detergents necessary for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning; Our full body technical porcelain stoneware is antacid * and class 5 stain resistant, thanks to this features it has an excellent stain resistance and, consequently, an excellent cleanability.


Concentrated load resistance

Various sizes and thicknesses are available (8.4/10/12/14 and 20mm), small sizes further increase the breaking load. (the 14mm average thickness in our production, has a compressive strength of about 3500 Kg./cm2).


Shock resistance

Our extremely strong products comply with UNI EN ISO 10545-5 (For more specific information, contact our technical department).


Stain resistance

All our products are class 5 (see UNI EN ISO 10545-14), so any accidental stain of paint, solvent, grease (of any type) can be easily removed.


High temperature resistance

Our products are cooked at about 1200°C temperature so they have a very high melting point. (Copper melts just over 1000 ° and steel at 1370°).


Light and UV rays resistance

Our materials do not change colour over time.

Very interesting is to visit our color section, the completeness of the range makes it possible to create indelibly boundary lines for safety zones, well defined loading and unloading areas or give a personal character to the flooring using more colours.

*Except hydrofluoric acid

[For any further information contact our technical department: ufficiotecnico@cipagres.it]

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