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Warehouses & Storage

The storage and the consequent movement of the goods is probably the most severe test for a flooring. Different materials are often called upon to perform this task, but none of them is comparable with a full-body technical porcelain solution by Cipa Gres. Thanks to its very high level of physical and mechanical features, it ensures an easy to clean surface and prevents the damage that considerable heavy loads permanently in motion can cause to the "floor system", allowing the total and continuous usability of the spaces erasing the repairs burden.

Cipa Gres materials are of the highest quality, made of full-body porcelain stoneware (UGL) with high and very high thickness, they are certainly able to withstand the most intense stress and vibrations to which they will be subjected during the whole operating time, ensuring the machines and moving trolleys a safe and stable base.

Very small formats have been studied such as the hexagon (10x11.5cm) with high thickness (14mm) and high coefficient of friction (R10 and R11) Hexagonal tiles allow, with their exclusive geometry, to create a continuous porcelain stoneware flooring and, when needed, connect different heights in a soft way, as a mosaic would do, avoiding dangerous and damaging jolts to moving vehicles and loads .


Product classification

Cipa Gres porcelain stoneware is classified according to ISO 13006 EN 14411 Group B1a UGL or more simply as monolithic UGL (unglazed) porcelain stoneware. It is made up of a single homogeneous mass that makes it much more resistant than any other type of material that can be used for paving (mass colored stoneware, granite, marble, metal and many others).


Dimensional features EN ISO 10545-2

The high quality standard of Cipa Gres products, quite better than norms prescribe, gives a dimensional precision, both in the calibres (real size) and in the thickness, to our production that allows to reduce joints to the minimum.


Secure workers

Finishes designed and tested ad hoc to respond punctually to the specific needs of each individual environment. The assortment of structures for the walking surface, the different non-slip coefficients that meet all international standards, DIN 51130, DIN 51094, B.C.R.A. TORTUS, ASTM 1028, ANSI A 137.1: 2012, BS 7976-2: 2002, UNE ENV 12633: 2006, AS 4586: 2013 etc., with "V" from 4 to 10, allows designers to choose the right product for every single need .


Concentrated load resistance

Various sizes and thicknesses are available (8.4/10/12/14 and 20mm), small sizes further increase the breaking load. (the 14mm average thickness in our production, has a compressive strength of about 3500 Kg./cm2). The high thickness, in addition to high mechanical strength is itself a very important element that determines the height of the grouting of the joints, an integral part of the floor system, maintaining the correct elasticity of the flooring unchanged over time .


Shock resistance

Our extremely strong products comply with UNI EN ISO 10545-5 (For more specific information, contact our technical department).


Resistance to acids and bases

Our full-body porcelain stoneware is acids resistant*, belonging to class A-LA-HA of acids and bases resistance according to UNI EN ISO 10545-13: 2017.


Stain resistance

All our products are class 5 (see UNI EN ISO 10545-14), so any type of accidental stain can be easily removed.


Thermal shock resistance

Our products, cooked at high temperatures (around 1200 °), have an exceptional resistance to heat. Also in this case, the use of high thickness products prevents that sudden temperature changes due to the temperature of any hot or cold liquids poured on the floor, reach the laying surface, breaking up the adhesives.


Light and UV rays resistance

Our materials do not change colour over time. resisting both heat and continuous light exposure.


Surface compactness and microbacterial cleanability

To guarantee easy cleanability and the easy elimination of any bacterial charge, Cipa Gres carries out continuous production line checks to verify the compactness of the surface that allow a microbacterial analysis certificate, released by referenced third party bodies. This ensures, when proper post-installation cleaning is carried out, no residual bacterial load.


Special pieces

Available in different colours, both in the same color as the flooring and in contrast, a complete range of special pieces is available to avoid right angles between floor and walls. These pieces, necessary to obtain excellent and easy machines cleaning, fully satisfy the requirements that control bodies check in the foods handling destined areas. According to specific needs, the designers in charge can choose between different solutions and different curvatures rays of the connecting elements.


Frost resistance

All the materials we produce are frost resistant. They are tested according to UNI EN ISO 10545-12: 2000 and can also be used in environments with temperatures well below the 0°C temoerature, thus making it possible to use them outdoors and in cold rooms.


Fire resistant

All Cipa Gres technical porcelain stoneware belongs to class 0 (zero) of fire resistance.


Safety strips

By visiting our colour section you can check the completeness of the proposed range that allows you to indicate, with indelible demarcation lines, safety zones and / or well defined loading and unloading areas.

*Except hydrofluoric acid

[For any further information contact our technical department: ufficiotecnico@cipagres.it]

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